Traveling to a New Place a Total Stranger

I guess traveling would be my best description of happiness and freedom.

Being independent, I learned that having to feel what it’s like to become a newbie to a strange place is ecstatic. What could be better than settling down, gaining new friends, discovering the many unknown places of interest and being cool with it at the same time? This feels kinda awkward to say, but honestly, I have not been missing home. Except, of course, if father calls you and your brother calls you and your little sister calls you to say his and hellos and how are yous and how was work and when will you be coming home and your book’s searching for you and whatnot.

Life can sometimes be a pressure cooker.

But I’ve already dealt the shortcomings of being away with family and friends for far too long. So, I’m cool living the life alone. It’s just that, every time I get so silent at the wee hours of my day’s off, I remember the happy things back home. It’s mind-over-matter-perception practice. now.
Going back, traveling to a new place a total stranger feels weird and exciting and euphoric at the same time, I guess. Back in college, I was really heart-out to be in Zamboanga City for the first time in my life. The place would be the farthest place I’d reach, and I imagine what it would be like to be in the big city. Probinsyano here. Now, I’m able to go to distant places (Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, Surigao, Davao, Manila) and the excitement really never wears off.
The majestic city of Kidapawan (the city of fruits and highland spring) ┬áthat I am in right now really have the best weather. Twelve noon here isn’t very hot at all. And the people are honest and friendly. The water’s very cold (an extreme wake-up shower every day), and my work’s just fifty steps away from my apartment.

But what I really treasure the most is that, I am a total stranger.

Being a person nobody knows, it’s fulfilling to introduce yourself to people. It fascinates me how they fascinate where I’ve come from, what kind of family I have, what delicacies I eat, how big my province is and what strategies I do there to survive (the bombings and gunfires, as usual). It’s also heartwarming to tell them that it’s not that chaotic in Zamboanga and that it’s totally safe to live there; I now am a contributor of good news while eradicating the bad perception of people and the media to Zamboanga.
I guess that would be it. It’s not really an exceptional recommendation for others to go travel, but sometimes, for me, it’s essential to leave out of the comfort zone and step out of the box; be independent and enjoy it, to generalize. Not just for vacation or a three-day stay, but stay for good, if possible.
From what I found out, it’s a self-discovery experience. You get to mingle people you did not know, you get to be judged or appreciated, you get to know new stories of life and survival and success. You get to open up your heart and mind out for the adaption process.

You get to grow.

Below are photos of me and my new place and my new friends and basically my new home.